Glaze and Clay Fixing

Please note that we try to help you solve problems with glazes that are in our book "Mastering Cone 6 Glazes" without charge. Please just email us for help with those glazes. The service described in this section is for other glazes with which you are having problems.

Glazes. Some times a glaze will change and not for the better. This can happen for a any of several reasons but the most common is a change in the materials used in the glaze.

Ron Roy offers a guaranteed reformulation service to address such changes. There is a one time fee of $40 - You will do the mixing and firing - most times it takes only one change - sometime two or three.

Clays. Most clay bodies don't come with a recipe; however, there are still ways to help correct some problems. We will be happy to try and help - the cost is $40 per hour.

The information we need.

1. A clear and complete description of the problem.

2. A recipe with the specific brand names of the materials used.

3. A short description of your firing cycle including overall time and cone bend.

4. A decription of your kiln and the controls you use with it.

Sample problems -

#1 Glaze crazes two or three days after firing. Solution - Lower expansion rate - this is an easy problem to solve.

#2 Glaze finely crazed when unloaded. Solution - lower expansion rate a lot - sometimes no solution while keeping the glaze looking the same.

#3 Glaze settles quickly and hard on the bottom of bucket. Solution - change some materials to help keep the glazes in suspension - sometimes an easy problem to solve.

Ron has been fixing glaze and clay problems for 30 years with remarkable success. References are available upon request.

If you are interested in this service, click here for the information form.  When that is complete, Ron will be in touch with you by email within a few days.

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