While relatively few problems have been reported for GlazeMaster, here are a few things you might run into:

Windows and Macintosh Machines

• There is a bug in versions 3 and 3.01 that has been fixed in 3.02. When you try to Find/Print Multiple Recipes from the Main Menu, the Perform Find button at the top of the screen is not active. There are 2 ways around this. Within versions 3 and 3.01 you can enter your ‘find’ parameters and simply click the Enter/Return key to activate the Find script. Or you can upgrade (free) to version 3.02 which has an active Perform Find button (bottom right in the cluster of 6 buttons on that layout).

• There is a mistake in the Materials file of versions 3, 3.01 and 3.02 for  Feldspar—Custer 10/08. It was mistakenly entered with the same composition as Feldspar—G200 HP. Thanks to Jeff Lawrence for catching this! It was named Custer 10/08 at a time when we were trying to understand what was going on with Custer variability. We now have a better understanding and Ron Roy published an article in the November 2013 issue of Ceramics Monthly explaining his findings in detail. So what to do? I recommend you change the name  of the material (Main Menu//Import/Export/Delete/Change Recipes and Materials//Delete Materials/Change Names — then follow the instructions on the page) Feldspar—Custer 10/08 to Feldspar—Custer avg. Then go back to the Materials section and change the composition to that found here

When I try to delete a material or change its name, I can't scroll from one material to another. This is a bug in the first release of GlazeMaster 3. Download the current release (3.01 or later) and this has been fixed.

• I have installed GlazeMaster on a new machine and it won't accept my installation code. What's going on? On some of the newer Windows and Intel Macs the installation code is being evaluated incorrectly and rejected. This appears to be a difference in the way remainders left after dividing are calculated. Rather than try to get someone at Apple, Microsoft, Intel or AMD to pay attention to this problem, I have changed the evaluation algorithm to a simpler one that seems to work. You need to download and install a copy of GlazeMaster 3. That, of course, is a free download. Download links can be found on the GlazeMaster drop-down menu above.

• I have a damaged Recipes.USR (or another) file and GlazeMaster suggests I use the 'Recover' command to try to repair it. How do I do this?  The Recover command does not appear in the GlazeMaster File menu; however it can still be accessed. Exit/Quit GlazeMaster, hold down both the Option and Command keys (Macintosh) or the Ctrl and Shift keys (Windows) while you double click on the GlazeMaster exe or application file. That will bring up a file-finding dialogue box which you use to locate the damaged file. In most cases--but not all--GlazeMaster will be able to repair the file. But please also backup your GlazeMaster folder regularly. It is bad news to lose dozens of glaze recipes when your computer hiccups--don't ask me how I know this.

• When I try to Print I am not getting what I thought I should. For Windows Users: After you click on the Print button that brings up the Print Dialogue box, make sure alongside the word “Print” that “Records Being Browsed” is selected. The other selections are “Blank Record” and “Current Record”. The words may be slightly different from the above on different versions of Windows.

For Macintosh OSX Users: When the print dialogue box appears, look for 'Copies and Pages'. On the right side of those words pull down the menu to GlazeMaster. When that dialogue box appears make sure 'Records Being Browsed' is selected. More than likely, ‘Current Record' is selected. Again, changing it once should be all that is necessary if you follow through and actually print (vs. Cancel).

• I get a 'Page Unavailable' message when I try to download GlazeMaster. This is probably happening because of the way you have your firewall or virus protection software set. GlazeMaster files are on an 'ftp' site and you must have your protection set to allow downloads from that type of site--or else temporarily turn it off. Thanks to Randy McCall for figuring this out.

Windows Machines

• When printing a Recipe or a Batch Mix Sheet, my printer prints an extra page. This is happening in versions 1.0 and 2.0 because the fonts on your machine are just slightly larger than they are on the machine on which I developed the program. The problem was fixed in version 2.1. If you are not ready to upgrade, here is a work-around suggested by Randy McCall. In the print dialogue box change 'Pages' from 'All' to 'From 1 to 1' before you click on Print. Thanks Randy!

Macintosh Machines

There is no text on the control buttons on the Main Menu. I have used the Arial font for text in most places throughout GlazeMaster—it is a common font for both Macintosh and Windows machines. But, depending on your situation that font may have been turned OFF or be defective. Go to your Applications folder and start Check to see if Arial is active. If not, activate it. If that does not solve the problem, select Arial in Fontbook and go to File—>Validate. You may have to get a fresh copy of Arial if that font is defective. Also note that in GlazeMaster Preferences the font selected is probably Helvetica. Changing this to Arial does not solve this problem. You need to do it via

• There is an incompatibility between GlazeMaster and iPhoto. If you plug in a camera in order to upload photos to iPhoto, GlazeMaster will probably crash. This is a problem buried deep in the coding of either FileMaker (GlazeMaster is a FileMaker runtime program) or iPhoto which I do not have access to. To be safe it is best to Quit GlazeMaster before uploading photos to iPhoto.

• On some of the more recent OS updates there seems to be a problem entering ingredients when you are adding or modifying a recipe. It is not a problem—just a different way your Mac seems to want to do things. If you click on a field and scroll down to try to find a material, the list sometimes just seems to get stuck and won’t let you get to say Silica or Wollastonite or Whiting. But look carefully and you will see 3 tiny dots just below where you are stuck. Click on them and the list will open up the rest of the way. Please don’t ask me why—I have no idea.

© 2013 John Hesselberth and Ron Roy, all rights reserved.