Please Note: Retirement time is here! Several years ago I announced the following plan to ease out of supporting GlazeMaster. I wrote that on January 1 of each year (starting January 1, 2015) I would reduce the price of GlazeMaster by $10.00. One January 1, 2018 when the price becomes zero I will remove the requirement to enter an installation code AND I will open up the underlying FileMaker files so that anyone with FileMaker knowledge can modify the program to his/her desire! I have now done that! The runtime (non-modifiable) version will continue to be available on this web site for the foreseeable future. Of course,  I will now stop supporting the program except for answering “easy” questions. The problem with the Mac version of GlazeMaster has now been solved. If you are running Sierra, High Sierra,  Mohave or Catalina be sure to download version 3.03 instead of 3.02.

John Hesselberth


GlazeMaster is a glaze calculation software program (and an excellent database) designed specifcally for studio potters. It runs on both Windows (XP up to and including 8) and Macs OSX (up to and including El Capitan). GlazeMaster is priced for a potter's budget at FREE including an 85 page searchable pdf User's Guide and the software for both Macs or Windows.

Fully functional downloads are available. No installation code is required. Or take a tour of the program.

Upgrades to GlazeMaster 3 from GlazeMaster 1.0, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 or 2.3r3 are free and available here. Upgrading is essential for potters running one of these versions on a Mac before you upgrade to the Lion or Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, or El Capitan operating systems. For more detail, click here.

GlazeMaster Features:

• Multiple ways to view information including 1) single recipe + photo, 2) 2 recipes, 3) recipe + material, 4) 2 materials, 5) compare to limit formulas, and more. Also 'photo gallery' pages for each recipe that allow you to store, display, and print up to 4 photos of each glaze.

• A section to help you analyze blends whether they be line, triaxial, or quadraxial (Currie or ones of your own design).

• Find and print multiple recipes or copy a recipe to your clipboard for inclusion in a text document.

• Toggle between any 3 sets of expansion coefficients.

• Very intuitive, easy to learn--use it only as a database or use its power to help improve your glazes. The Seger unity formula, wt%s, mol%s, and more are automatically calculated.

• Organize your recipes into groups (Recipe Sets) that make sense to you.

• Calculates recipe cost.

• Runs identically in Windows and Mac OS X.

• PDF Users's Guide helps you understand the program and how to use the Seger unity formula to improve your glazes.

• Has a database of over 230 materials; you can easily add more.

• Import/export in standard database formats.

• Numerous other features.

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